New clan new start
New clan new start

oi oi

Well I feel that the dust is starting to settle, and now is the time to move forward but I like to wish all the UKE WoWs members all the best and i hope we can still enjoy many hours of gaming together :)

Friday will be the cut off for the founding members of the clan and anyone that in apart of the clan at this point will be considered a founding member.

Ok so moving forward we have a few weeks of training sessions with [RATS] these will normally be mid week and are intended to get us working better as a group in public and clan matches I am hoping as many as possible will join this and I feel we will all be better players for it.

I would like to thank everyone for your support during this move and I am sure we will enjoy many hours of sinking bitches in the coming week/months :)

The website and forum is starting to come together and I am hoping for feedback and ideas on what improvements can be made.


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